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| What is windowpane?

Windowpane is a fabric pattern that looks like a windowpane with vertical and horizontal lines intersecting to form boxes.

| How to wear windowpane:

Windowpane is commonly used for clothing, especially suits, pants, shirts, and blazers. In womenswear, windowpane dresses, blouses, and scarves are popular. You can even upholster furniture with windowpane fabric.

| Maintaining windowpane:

Windowpane is a color effect woven into the fabric, and the maintenance of a garment or item will depend on what the fabric structure is. Some fabrics may be easy to care for, while others may require special attention.

Does windowpane wrinkle?

The tendency to wrinkle will depend on the weave and the tightness of the fabric. In the case where windowpane does wrinkle, the appearance of the wrinkles can be disguised by the color pattern of the plaid. When necessary, windowpane fabrics can be ironed on a cotton setting for a crisp, polished look.

Is windowpane easy to clean?

Cotton windowpane is easy care. Home laundry can typically be used, with a cold wash and prompt removal from the dryer. Check your garment care label for specific instructions.



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