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Close up of seersucker fabric


| What is seersucker?

Synonymous with the classic summer suit, seersucker is a lightweight cotton fabric with alternating crinkled and smooth vertical stripes that never needs ironing. The construction of the fabric is what makes this fabric perfect for warmer temperatures by having less touch points against the skin.

| How to wear seersucker:

In spring and summer months, seersucker can be found in any a wide range of women’s, men’s and children’s apparel. From men’s suits to women’s sundresses, and even home furnishings, seersucker is synonymous with cool, breathable, cotton attire.

| Maintaining seersucker:

Cotton seersucker is easy to maintain, without need for ironing or dry cleaning.

Does seersucker wrinkle?

Seersucker does not wrinkle! In fact, ironing would ruin the character of the fabric by removing the textured stripes.

Is seersucker easy to clean?

Cotton seersucker is easy to clean. A home laundry, with quick removal after a tumble dry, will actually make the fabric better with time. Repeated washing and drying makes the fabric softer and enhances the textured stripe effect.



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