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Introducing the Cotton x LoveShackFancy Americana Collection Starring Gymnastics Champion Suni Lee

Cotton | The Fabric of Our Lives

Cotton is The Fabric of Now

When you’re craving distance from constant notifications and countless to-do’s, cotton gives you the room to breathe. For seekers of softness, comfort, and endless expression... cotton is the natural choice. Discover the fabric of now:

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The Fabric of Great Sleep

Cotton and comfort go hand in hand. That’s why cotton sheets and bedding are proven to give you a better night's sleep. Catch even more zzzzz’s with the perfect pair of cute and comfy cotton pajamas.

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Naturally recycleable

Naturally Recyclable

Since cotton is natural and sustainable, when it’s recycled it can be transformed in creative ways. Learn about the Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim recycling program, and how your old jeans can be recycled into new products.

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Cotton is natural. Because it is natural and comes from the earth, 100% cotton is biodegradable.

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No Microplastics

Cotton, a natural fiber made of cellulose, biodegrades in wastewater, saltwater, and freshwater, and does not contribute to widespread microplastic pollution.