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Make stylish memories in fashionable cotton

Through the big milestones and the little moments in between… you were probably wearing cotton. It’s comfortable, breathable, versatile, timeless – and natural, too.

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From '60s mod to today’s street style and everything in between, cotton has shaped our fashion moments by allowing us to express our personal style in natural comfort.

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Naturally recycleable

Naturally Recyclable

Since cotton is natural and sustainable, when it’s recycled it can be transformed in creative ways. Learn about the Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim recycling program, and how your old jeans can be recycled into new products.

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Cotton is natural. Because it is natural and comes from the earth, 100% cotton is biodegradable.

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No Microplastics

Cotton, a natural fiber made of cellulose, biodegrades in wastewater, saltwater, and freshwater, and does not contribute to widespread microplastic pollution.