Cotton | The Fabric of Our Lives
Care Tips for your clothes


Follow these tips and tricks to save time and money and keep your cotton looking its best.

remove the messiest of stains

Removing Stains

Blood, ink, and food stains aren’t a bother with these easy-to-follow instructions to remove even the messiest of stains.

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how to wash cotton clothes

How to Wash Cotton Clothes

Cotton washes cleaner than other fibers and often doesn’t need to be dry-cleaned. Learn how to wash your cotton clothes the right way, to keep your wardrobe looking, feeling, and smelling brand new.

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remove wrinkles

Get Rid of Wrinkles Without an Iron

Nobody likes to iron. Luckily, with these tips and tricks, you won’t have to.

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Cotton Shrinking and Stretching - female stretched in bed

Shrinking and Stretching Your Clothes

If your t-shirts came out of the wash feeling too snug, or if you want to shrink your jeans down a size, follow these easy steps to get your clothes fitting perfectly.

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