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| What is chintz?

Chintz is a medium-weight plain weave cotton fabric, given a polished or glazed finish, often referred to as "polished cotton." Traditional chintz fabrics are printed with large designs and used for home products.

| How to wear chintz:

Chintz is often used as upholstery for sofas, armchairs, and curtains. It can also be found in women’s apparel, in skirts and blouses.

| Maintaining chintz:

Chintz fabrics may require a little more care than other cotton fabrics, since they have a special surface effect that needs to be maintained.

Does chintz wrinkle?

Because the nature of chintz is to have a flat, smooth surface, it is highly susceptible to wrinkling. When used in apparel, it will need regular ironing with steam to keep it looking sharp.

Is chintz easy to clean?

In 100% cotton chintz, the polished effect is not permanent. Chintz will need to be cared for in a specific manner to maintain properly, that should be noted in the care instructions. It may require dry cleaning for regular maintenance.



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