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Close up of gauze fabric


| What is gauze?

You’re probably familiar with the cotton gauze bandages in your first-aid kit, but this thin, sheer fabric is also used to make loose, unstructured dresses and blouses, curtains and baby carriers. Because of its open, airy weave, this is the perfect fabric to wear during hot summer months.

| How to wear gauze:

The loose, breathable nature of gauze fabrics makes it perfect for women’s summer apparel. Lightweight gauze fabrics are ideal for curtains to break up direct sunlight.

| Maintaining gauze:

Cotton gauze can be easy to maintain, depending on the product.

Does gauze wrinkle?

Gauze can wrinkle, but the loose constructions can help those wrinkles fall out easily. Garments made of gauze may incorporate the nature of the fabric to wrinkle into the garment design, making its tendency to wrinkle a benefit to the design.

Is gauze easy to clean?

Depending on the application, gauze is easy to care for. It may need to be washed on a gentle cycle and air dried, which should be noted on an items care label.



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