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Cotton | The Fabric of Our Lives
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Cotton's Canvas fabric swatch


| What is canvas?

Canvas is a compact, firm, heavy plain weave fabric usually made with cotton. The terms canvas and duck are used interchangeably. Once used in tents, boat sails, and other utilitarian products, canvas has expanded into other products such as sport gear, sneakers, and bags because of its durability. The texture of canvas is sturdy and slightly rough to the touch.

| How to wear canvas:

Canvas can be found in heavy duty workwear, like pants and vests, but is most likely to be found in your favorite tote bag. It’s inherent durability also makes it ideal for drapery and upholstery.

| Maintaining canvas:

Cotton canvas is a robust, heavy-duty fabric that is very easy to maintain.

Does canvas wrinkle?

The heavy construction of the fabric, made with sturdy cotton yarns, can help keep it from wrinkling. Most of the applications it would be used in would not need regular ironing.

Is canvas easy to clean:

The tight construction of the fabric can help keep dirt from penetrating the fabric. Spot cleaning and an occasional wash and tumble dry will keep your canvas fabric in working order for years to come.



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