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| What is voile?

Voile is a sheer, lightweight cotton fabric that has a slightly crisp feel.

| How to wear voile:

It’s commonly used to make curtains, women’s work blouses, dresses, nightgowns and lingerie.

| Maintaining voile:

Cotton voile can be easy to clean and care for.

Does voile wrinkle?

Cotton voile will wrinkle. The same properties that gives the fabric it’s crispness, will also make it wrinkle easily. Ironing on a high cotton setting will easily remove any wrinkles prior to wearing.

Is voile easy to clean?

Cotton voile is easy to clean. Depending on the garment construction, it can easily be cared for in a home laundry. A gentle or delicate wash and prompt removal after a tumble dry will make most garments easy care.



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