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Close up of jacquard fabric


| What is jacquard?

The term jacquard is used to describe a decorative design that’s woven into the fabric on a jacquard loom. Typically made of cotton, these designs can range from basic florals to very large, intricate patterns.

| How to wear jacquard:

Jacquard fabrics can be found in a range of applications, from women’s dresses and coats, to home furnishings in bedspreads, blankets and curtains.

| Maintaining jacquard:

Jacquard fabrics can be woven in weights as varied as the patterns the fabrics are capable of showing! Most cotton jacquards will be easy to maintain, but some may require special care if used in intricate silhouettes or delicate garments.

Does jacquard wrinkle?

Jacquard fabrics can be woven in any weight, and as loose or tight constructions. The tendency to wrinkle depends on the tightness of the fabric. A tightly woven lightweight fabric for women’s dresses may wrinkle easily and require ironing, but a loosely woven blanket may never wrinkle.

Is jacquard easy to clean?

Like other specialty cotton fabrics, the easy of care will depend on the end use. Some jacquard fabrics may require dry cleaning, if they are used in coats or heavy drapes. Other jacquard fabrics may be home laundered, with gentle washing and air drying. Check your care label for specific instructions.



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