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Close up of cable knit fabric

Cable Knit

| What is cable knit?

Usually seen in sweaters, cabling is a knitting technique where stitches cross over each other to produce a variety of twists, braids and cord like patterns.

| How to wear cable knit:

The cable stitch is most often found in cable knit sweaters, throw blankets, and pillows. Cable knits can be made in a wide range of weights, for lightweight summer cardigans, or chunky heavyweight sweaters for winter, making it truly seasonless.

| Maintaining cable knit:

Most cotton cable knits are robust fabrics and that are easy to care for at home.

Does cable knit wrinkle?

This traditional knit construction does not typically wrinkle.

Is cable knit easy to clean?

Cable knits may require washing on a gentle cycle and air drying flat to help maintain the shape of the garment. Check your garment’s care label for specific instructions.



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