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close up of batik fabric


| What is batik?

Batik is a type of resist printing process in which wax is applied to the fabric in specific areas. When the wax hardens, the fabric is submerged in dye. The wax prevents the dye from reaching the fibers. The fabric is then boiled to remove the wax. This fabric-dyeing method makes cotton look crackled. Batik is characterized by a unique, nearly pattern-less appearance.

How to wear batik:

Batik fabric can typically be found in dresses and household décor. Batik techniques are typically used on lightweight cotton fabrics like voile, gauze and plain weave shirtings, making them perfect for warm weather styles.

| Maintaining batik:

Cotton batik fabrics are easy to maintain and do not require special care.

Does batik wrinkle?

One design aspect of batik is the casual, rumpled appearance of the fabric. There’s no need to try to achieve a crisp, freshly ironed look.

Is batik easy to clean?

Cotton batik is easy to spot clean or machine wash.



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