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close up of basket weave fabric

Basket weave

| What is basket weave?

A derivation of a plain weave in which two or more warp and/or two or more filling yarns weave side by side as one yarn to create a checkerboard effect.

| How to wear basket weave:

Basket weave is a very versatile fabric and lends itself to a wide range of weights. It can be used for anything from suits to shirting, and is often used for upholstery and heavyweight bags.

| Maintaining basket weave:

Cotton basket weave fabrics do not typically require special care.

| Does basket weave wrinkle?

Basket weave fabrics are inherently more wrinkle resistant than other cotton flat weave fabrics.

| Is basket weave easy to clean?

A cotton basket weave is easy to spot clean or machine wash, and will release odors easily.



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