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| What is piqué fabric?

Pique is a durable cotton knit fabric covered with a tiny, textured pattern. The cross-tuck knit construction creates a cellular effect with a unique, subtle texture.

The term pique is also used for a woven fabric that is covered with a tiny, textured pattern which makes it appear quilted. It’s a heritage fabric that is rare to find today, but is still used in specialty products like cloth diapers.

| How to wear pique:

Knit pique is most commonly found in polo shirts, particularly for golfing. The fabric was popularized by the fashion brand Lacoste™, so much so that the name Lacoste™ is synonymous with the pique stitch.

| Maintaining pique:

Cotton pique is easy to care for at home.

Does pique wrinkle?

Cotton pique does not have a tendency to wrinkle, because of the knit fabric structure. Prompt removal from a tumble dry cycle can be sufficient without any ironing.

Is pique easy to clean?

Cotton pique is easy to clean. A home laundry will remove stains and odors easily.



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