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| What is velour?

Velour is a term for a knit or woven fabric that has a soft, dense pile and a decorative sheen. Knit velour is a terry construction that has been sheared and brushed, and has the natural stretch known to most knit constructions. Woven velour is a soft but rigid fabric with a cut pile. Either type of velour is usually made of 100% cotton.

Woven velour and velvet are often mistaken for each other or thought to be the same fabric, but they are two distinct fabrics. They are woven in very different manners, and velvet tends to have a longer pile and more decorative applications. Velour gained popularity as a fabric made for clothing in the 1970s. Prior to that, velour was usually used for upholstery.

| When should I wear velour?

Both knit and woven velour is used for varied applications such as sportswear, evening wear and loungewear. A velour tracksuit would be made from a knit velour, while a fashion-forward suit may be made of a woven velour. Velour is used for a wide range of clothing and home decor, such as tracksuits, sweatsuits, jumpsuits, dresses, pants, hoodies, pillows, and blankets.

| Maintaining velour:

Cotton velour may be easy to care for, depending on the garment construction. Some items may require more specialized attention.

Does velour wrinkle?

Velour, knit or woven, does not have a tendency to wrinkle.

Is velour easy to clean?

Knit velour is easy to clean in a home laundry, with minimal attention to care. Woven velour may need special cleaning or dry cleaning, depending on the garment construction. Check your item’s care label for specific instructions.



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