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| What is ombré?

Not just a popular hair trend, ombré is fabric that’s dyed in the gradation of a single color from light to dark. From the French word for "shaded," it can also describe a type of plaid, especially popular in men's shirts from the 1950s, where the insides of the squares are lighter than the outside, creating a soft, almost blurry pattern.

| How to wear ombré:

From women’s spring and summer dresses to men’s flannel shirts, ombré effects can be found in nearly any application.

| Maintaining ombré:

Cotton ombré fabrics are easy to care for.

Does ombré wrinkle?

Ombré effects can be applied to any kind of fabric, and wrinkling will depend on the fabric. Knit t-shirts will wrinkle less than a summer weight dress, which may need ironing prior to wear. Cotton fibers are known for readily accepting dye, making the application of this dye technique perfect for cotton.

Is ombré easy to clean?

Since ombré is a dye effect, garment care will depend on the fabric it’s applied to. Some ombré cottons may require gentle washing and air drying, whereas other more intricate garments may require dry cleaning. Check the care label of your garment for specific instructions.



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