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Close up of houndstooth fabric


| What is houndstooth?

Houndstooth is a duotone textile pattern, often in black and white, that’s characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes named for their resemblance to a dog’s tooth. It’s woven in a twill weave which helps create the pointed shape in the pattern.

| How to wear houndstooth:

Typically woven in mid to bottomweight constructions, you can find it in coats, suits, skirts, dresses and scarves.

| Maintaining houndstooth:

Cotton houndstooth fabrics are easy to maintain.

Does houndstooth wrinkle?

Like other cotton twill fabrics, houndstooth can wrinkle, but the color/weave effect of the houndstooth pattern will disguise wrinkles extremely well. Ironing may only be necessary for deeply set wrinkles.

Is houndstooth easy to clean?

Like other cotton fabrics, the ease of care will depend on the garment construction. Suits and coats may need to be dry cleaned occasionally, where dresses and skirts may be home laundered. Check your garment’s care label for specific instructions.



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