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Close up of organdy fabric


| What is organdy?

Organdy is a lightweight, sheer, stiff fabric, usually made of cotton. It’s characterized by a crisp and stiff hand, often achieved with a starch finish.

| How to wear organdy:

It’s typically used for dresses and blouses, but also for collars, cuffs, aprons and on the inside of garments to stiffen them.

| Maintaining organdy:

Cotton organdy may require some special care to maintain.

Does organdy wrinkle?

Cotton organdy will wrinkle. The starchy finish makes the fabric stiff, and the stiffer a fabric is, the more it will wrinkle. Ironing on a high cotton temperature setting will reset the fabric to its original crisp appearance.

Is organdy easy to clean?

Cotton organdy can be easy to clean at home, but may need to be dry cleaned depending on the garment construction. Check the care label of your garment for specific instructions.



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