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Waffle weave

| What is waffle weave?

Waffle weave is a fabric with textured squares that make this cotton fabric look just like the popular breakfast food it’s named after. Although it can’t be eaten, it can keep you warm, which is why it’s a staple in winter clothing. Waffle effects can be found in knits and wovens. Waffle knits, similar in structure to a thermal knit, are used for winter base layers like long johns.

| How to wear waffle weave:

Waffle weave, also known as honeycomb, is commonly used for robes, bath and kitchen towels and blankets.

| Maintaining waffle weave:

Waffle weave is easy to maintain and does not require special attention.

Does waffle weave wrinkle?

Waffle weave does not wrinkle. The cellular effect of the waffle structure keeps the fabric from holding onto wrinkles.

Is waffle weave easy to clean?

Waffle weave is easy to clean, which is one of the reasons it’s used for items like towels. The substantial structure holds up well to home laundry, and is easy care.



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