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| What is corduroy?

Corduroy is a fabric with evenly spaced vertical rows of soft pile. These rows are arranged in a distinct pattern called a “cord” or a “wale.” Corduroy, as a fabric, dates back to eighteenth century England, where it was primarily a rough wool cloth, rather than contemporary corduroy, which is soft to the touch and usually made from 100% cotton.

There are different types of corduroys, which are classified by the number of lengthwise pile rows per inch—feathercord has 20-25; pinwale has 16-23; regular wale has 14; wide wale has 6-10; and broad wale has 3-5.

| When should I wear corduroy?

Depending on the weight of the fabric, corduroy can be used in dresses, shirts, pants, coats, and upholstery. It is a particularly popular clothing fabric for the cooler months. Corduroy is sturdy enough to be used for dress pants and coats, but soft and drapeable enough for winter dresses and lightweight corduroy shirts for men and women. Lightweight feathercords and pincords can even be used for spring and summer apparel.

| Maintaining corduroy:

Corduroy, regardless the weight or wale count, is perfectly suited for easy care at home.

Does corduroy wrinkle?

Corduroy does not have a tendency to wrinkle. In fact, ironing could impede to appearance of the cords and give an undesirable shine to the fabric.

Is corduroy easy to clean?

Corduroy is very easy to maintain, and should be home laundered with minimal attention. Check your care label for specific instructions.



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