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Close up of ottoman knit fabric


| What is ottoman?

Originally developed in Turkey, ottoman is a heavy fabric with flat crosswise ribs. Some ottomans have small ribs and others have ribs which alternate in size from wide and narrow.

| How to wear ottoman:

This tightly woven, lustrous fabric is used for coats, evening wear, upholstery and trimmings. Not to be confused with the piece of furniture! A knit fabric known as an ottoman rib has a similar rib texture effect and can be found in sweaters and activewear.

| Maintaining ottoman:

Cotton ottoman fabrics are easy to maintain.

Does ottoman wrinkle?

Depending on the fabric construction, ottoman does not have a strong tendency to wrinkle. The ribs will help the fabric spring back into shape without creating sharp wrinkles. Ironing may have a negative impact on the rib effect.

Is ottoman easy to clean?

Most cotton ottoman fabrics, woven or knit, should be easy to clean. Some outerwear or dresses may require dry cleaning to maintain the shape of the garment. Home furnishing items may require special cleaning. Check the care label of your garment for specific instructions



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