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Close up of gabardine fabric


| What is gabardine?

Gabardine is a durable, compactly woven twill fabric with a distinctive diagonal cord that sometimes has a high sheen.

| How to wear gabardine:

Originally used in “gabardinas,” cloaks worn in medieval Spain as protection from the elements, this hard wearing and rain resistant fabric is a staple in suits, jackets, and pants, as well as for water resistant outerwear like rain jackets.

| Maintaining gabardine:

Gabardine is a popular bottom and outerwear fabric because of its easy maintenance.

Does gabardine wrinkle?

Gabardine, like other twills, does have a tendency to wrinkle, but will often be treated with a wrinkle release finish, which makes it even easier to care for.

Is gabardine easy to clean?

The compact fabric construction will allow for some natural resistance to getting really dirty. It can easily be cared for in a home laundry, but can also withstand dry cleaning for a polished look.



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