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| What is plaid?

One of the most popular patterns for dress shirts, plaid features stripes or bands of color that intersect to form squares. Plaids date back to the 1500s and now come in many patterns, from argyle and gingham to madras and windowpanes. Plaid remains an incredibly popular fabric, especially for shirts and sheets.

| How to wear plaid:

Plaids can be found in nearly any fabric application. They are seasonless and found across all markets, from men to women, to children and home furnishings.

| Maintaining plaid:

Most cotton plaids will be easy to maintain. Since it’s a color effect woven into a fabric, there may be applications that require more attention to care than others.

Does plaid wrinkle?

Plaid is a color effect woven into the fabric, and the tendency to wrinkle will depend on the weave and the tightness of the fabric. In the case where plaid does wrinkle, the appearance of the wrinkles can be disguised by the color pattern of the plaid. When necessary, plaid fabrics can be ironed on a cotton setting for a crisp, polished look.

Is plaid easy to clean?

Cotton plaid is easy care. Home laundry can typically be used, with a cold wash and prompt removal from the dryer.



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