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| What is plissé?

Plissé is a cotton fabric with a crinkled or pleated striped texture created by applying a solution that shrinks part of the fabric, leaving it puckered.

| How to wear plissé:

It can be found in summer shirts, sportswear and nightgowns.

| Maintaining plissé:

Keeping the unique texture of a plissé fabric may require extra care.

Does plissé wrinkle?

Plissé may wrinkle, but the textured, puckered character of the fabric lends it to more casual wear, where wrinkling shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, ironing would likely remove the pucker effect that the fabric is designed to have.

Is plissé easy to clean?

Depending on the garment, some plissé may need special care to clean. Gentle washing and air drying may be required, but check the garment care label to be sure.



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