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Mercerized fabric


| What is mercerized cotton?

Mercerization is a treatment on cotton that changes the way cotton fibers look and feel. When cotton is mercerized, it becomes more lustrous and brighter in color.

| How to wear mercerized cotton:

Mercerized cotton fabrics can be found in nearly any application. The sheen of a cotton polo shirt, the crisp hand of a set of cotton sheets, and the smooth shine to a pair of khakis can all be achieved by mercerizing.

| Maintaining mercerized cotton:

Mercerizing often imparts easy care properties to cotton fabrics, particularly when used in combination with other finishes.

Does mercerized cotton wrinkle?

Mercerizing is commonly used in conjunction with wrinkle-resist technology, particularly in shirting fabrics and bottoms. When the fibers swell, they have a new tendency to resist wrinkling. Lots of mercerized cotton fabrics can be removed quickly after a tumble dry, given a good a shake, and are ready to wear.

Is mercerized cotton easy to clean?

Mercerized cotton is easy to clean, and will release stains and odors in a home laundry.



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