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Cotton | The Fabric of Our Lives
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Cotton Lace

| What is cotton lace?

Believe it or not, lace can be made with cotton! This delicate, decorative fabric is created by looping, interlacing or knitting thread in elaborate, open web-like patterns. Dating back to the 15th century, lace-making developed from embroidery and became an art of its own. Today, most lace is machine-made, but fine, handmade lace can cost hundreds of dollars per yard.

| How to wear lace:

While it’s used for everything from trim and tablecloths to curtains, camisoles, underwear, and dresses, lace is at its finest in the wedding gown.

| Maintaining lace:

Cotton lace is a delicate fabric and will require special care.

Does lace wrinkle:

Depending on the structure of the lace, cotton lace may wrinkle and may require ironing.

Is lace easy to clean:

Cotton lace will need special care in cleaning. Spot cleaning and washing on a delicate cycle may be sufficient for certain items, while others may require dry cleaning. Check your item’s care label for specific instructions.



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