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Cotton | The Fabric of Our Lives
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Close up of lawn fabric


| What is lawn fabric?

Lawn is a thin, relatively sheer, high thread count cotton fabric that resembles fine linen.

| How to wear lawn:

It’s often used for handkerchiefs and blouses because of its crispness. However, it’s also the perfect fabric for a lightweight summer maxi dress.

| Maintaining lawn:

Cotton lawn fabrics can be maintained in a home laundry.

Does lawn wrinkle?

Because of the tight construction and linen-like effect, cotton lawn fabrics may need regular ironing on a high temp cotton setting with steam to maintain the crisp appearance they’re known for.

Is lawn easy to clean?

Cotton lawn fabrics are easy to clean in a home laundry. Refer to your garments care label, but a gentle wash and air dry followed by an ironing should be the typical maintenance.



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