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Close up of cotton plain weave

Cotton Plain-Weave

| What is cotton plain-weave?

Plain weave refers to many different types of fabric with a similar weaving pattern. Plain weave is the most common type of weave, where the horizontal (weft) yarns alternately pass over and under the vertical (warp) yarns to create strong, hard-wearing fashion and furnishing fabrics.

As a technique and a fabric, plain weave fabric dates to ancient times.

When should I use plain-weave?

Plain weave is an extremely versatile fabric most commonly found in cotton clothing, bed linens, upholstery, and other strong fabrics with no stretch. You can find plain weave clothing in most of the items of clothing already in your wardrobe.

| Maintaining plain-weave

Does plain-weave wrinkle?

Because plain-weave refers to a wide variety of different fabrics, some plain-weave garments may be prone to wrinkling.

Is plain-weave easy to clean?

Most 100% cotton plain-weave garments, linens, and upholstery will be easy to machine wash and/or spot clean. Cotton releases odors more easily in the wash, and most cotton does not require dry cleaning.

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