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Close up of madras fabric


| What is madras?

Madras is a lightweight, hand-woven cotton fabric with a plaid, striped or checkered pattern. It’s made with semi-permanent vegetable dyes known for bleeding to give it the soft, muted colors for which it’s known. Originally, madras fabric came from the region of Madras, India. A textile can only be called madras if it comes from this Indian region.

| How to wear madras:

Madras is often used to make shirts and dresses. Plaid patchwork pants or shorts, for men, women and children, are synonymous with madras fabric. It’s a quintessential cotton summer fabric.

| Maintaining madras:

Cotton madras is easy to care for.

Does madras wrinkle?

Madras will wrinkle, but it’s part of the charm of the fabric. In the right garment construction, any wrinkling will add to the casual appeal. Ironing may be desired, but it can leave a crisp appearance that’s not in line with the aesthetic of the fabric

Is madras easy to clean?

Madras is easy to clean in a home laundry. A gentle wash cycle and prompt removal after a tumble dry will give the perfect casual finish.



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