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| What is damask?

Damask refers to a broad group of woven fabrics made on a jacquard loom. It's a solid color, patterned cotton fabric distinguished by using contrasting luster. The pattern effect is created by utilizing a satin weave in combination with a sateen, twill or plain weave. It is reversible, and known for being regal in effect.

| How to wear damask:

It's used for decor, such as sheets and curtains, and fine apparel.

| Maintaining damask:

Some cotton damask fabrics may be easily cared for at home, but intricate garments or heavy drapes may need to be dry cleaned on occasion.

Does damask wrinkle?

Depending on the construction of the fabric, damask can have a tendency to wrinkle. A quick iron and steam on a cotton setting should easily remove any wrinkles.

Is damask easy to clean?

Cotton damask is easy to clean, but may require extra care. The different weave structures can create puckering in the fabric, so it may require gentle care or even dry cleaning, depending on the application. Check your item’s care label for specific instructions.



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