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close up of double cloth fabric

Double Cloth

| What is double cloth?

Just like its name implies, double cloth is a fabric with the appearance of two unique fabrics bound together with yarn and used to make coats, blankets, furnishing fabrics, and reversible clothing.

| How to wear double cloth:

Double cloth can be a knit or woven fabric. Double cloth knits can have a quilted texture that lend themselves to thermal-type sweaters or shirts. Double cloth wovens can have reversible effects, with yarn dyed stripes or plaids on one side and solids on the other, for fun cuff effects in shirts.

| Maintaining double cloth:

Knit or woven, double cloth is easy to maintain.

Does double cloth wrinkle?

Double cloth fabrics generally do not have a tendency to wrinkle. The fabric construction tends to be loose, creating a casual effect.

Is double cloth easy to clean?

Double cloth fabrics are easy to clean and maintain at home. A tumble dry and quick removal from the dryer will create the perfect casual appearance.



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