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Close up of matelassé fabric


| What is matelassé?

The word matelassé is taken from the French noun matelas, meaning cushion or pad. Made on a jacquard or dobby loom, it has a raised pattern that gives bedspreads and other home fabrics a quilted look. Matelassé is heavily used in bedding and home décor.

| How to wear matelassé:

Matelassé is heavily used in bedding and home décor. It can also be found in specialty garments, like coats or pants, that have a quilted look.

| Maintaining matelassé:

Cotton matelassé is easy to care for, and typically gets better and softer over time with home laundry.

Does matelassé wrinkle?

Matelassé will naturally resist wrinkles because of the fabric construction. The quilted effect woven into the fabric creates a lofty structure that does not want to hold onto wrinkles. Ironing may have a negative effect on the texture.

Is matelassé easy to clean?

Most matelassé fabrics will be easy to care for at home. In fact, tumble drying will enhance the texture of the quilted effect, giving it more character each time it’s washed and dried.



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