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Close up of pinstripe fabric


| What is pinstripe?

Pinstripe is known for crisp, thin stripes in evenly spaced lines, typically gray or white, that are woven into fabric, giving suiting a classic elegance.

| How to wear pinstripe:

Pinstripe is especially used to make men's and women's suits.

| Maintaining pinstripe:

Does pinstripe wrinkle?

Pinstripe is a color effect woven into the fabric, and the tendency to wrinkle will depend on the weave and tightness of the fabric. In most cases, when woven in a plain weave or a twill, pinstripe will wrinkle. In suiting, it may require regular ironing or steaming to keep a crisp appearance.

Is pinstripe easy to clean?

Most cotton pinstripe fabrics are easy to clean. Some suiting may require dry cleaning to maintain the shape of the garment. Check the care label of your garment for specific instructions.



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