Upholstered Leg Bench

This leg bench from us and Refinery29 gives you another reason to spend cozy days indoors.

Cotton Diy Bench

What you need


What you need

  • Cotton throw
  • Hairpin leg seat
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun
  • Heavy-duty staples

Let's Get Started

Cotton Diy Bench Step1

Step 1

Gather materials.

Cotton Diy Bench Step2

Step 2

Lay your foam pad (1) flat on your work surface, and then place the wood seat (2) on top. Line the wood up with the top edge and the left hand side of the foam and mark the foam by tracing your marker along the sides of the wood seat (3). You can also use a tape measure to measure and mark your lines.

Cotton Diy Bench Step3

Step 3

Use sharp scissors to cut the foam pad to size along your marked lines.

Cotton Diy Bench Step4

Step 4

To cover the bench with my new cotton throw, I first laid the blanket (1) out flat on my work surface, and then carefully place the trimmed foam pad (2) out on top of the blanket, allowing for a few extra inches of blanket to show around the edges. Finally, line up your wooden seat (3) on top with the holes for your hairpin legs and hardware facing up.

Cotton Diy Bench Step5

Step 5

Starting in the center of the short sides, pull your blanket up and over the wooden seat and staple it into place. Add more staples one at a time along these shorter edges, pulling the blanket taut as you go in order to ensure a tight upholstered finish. Once the shorter sides are done, move on to the longer edges, first stapling the blanket in the center sections and then moving outwards from there. Staple the corners to finish the job (think: hospital corners).

Feel free to use a bunch of staples here as you really can’t have too many but you can have too few. I placed mine almost right next to each other so that my upholstery was good and tight all the way around. To finish, use sharp scissors to trim away the excess blanket and batting right up to the edge of the staples.

Cotton Diy Bench Step6

Step 6

Once the stapling and trimming are both complete, go ahead and use the hardware that came with your bench to install the hairpin legs, then flip the bench upright and give it a try.

Cotton Diy Bench Step7

Step 7

All you need is a warm drink and cozy cotton socks for the perfect lounging experience.

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