Textile Jean Jacket

DIY expert Marisa from the Neon Tea Party showed us how to create this dreamy jacket. 

Neon Tea Party Jacket Hero

What you need


What you need

  • Jean Jacket
  • Textile of your choice (should fit the width of the back panel of the jacket)
  • Neon thread
  • Pins
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Box cheese grater

Let's Get Started

Tntp Cotton Jean Jacket Step01

Step 1

This jacket will feature textile panels in the front and back of the jackets. You can start either on the back or the front – totally up to you! I started with the back. Line up your textile with the back panel of your jean jacket and trim it to size leaving about an extra ½" on the top and bottom.

Tntp Cotton Jean Jacket Step021

Step 2

To cut the fabric to fit the shape of the jacket’s back panel, place your finger on the seam of the panel and use your pencil to trace on the outside of your finger so that have about an extra ¼" on each side.

Tntp Cotton Jean Jacket Step03

Step 3

Trim along your pencil line leaving a piece of fabric that matches the shape of the back panel of your jacket.

Tntp Cotton Jean Jacket Step04

Step 4

Fold under the edges of the fabric and pin it down so that it matches the shape and size of the back panel of the jacket.

Tntp Cotton Jean Jacket Step05

Step 5

Once the fabric is secure with pins, thread your sewing machine with neon thread and sew the panel onto the jacket.

Tntp Cotton Jean Jacket Step06

Step 6

Repeat the process on the top front panels of your jacket. 

Tntp Cotton Jean Jacket Step07

Step 7

To fit the fabric over buttons, snip a small slit in the fabric just above each button. When in doubt about the size of the hole, start very small and snip it little by little until the button finally fits through.

Tntp Cotton Jean Jacket Step08

Step 8

To sew alongside the buttons, you can remove the foot from your sewing machine. Be sure to go slowly when sewing without the foot and hold the jacket straight.

Tntp Cotton Jean Jacket Step09

Step 9

Match up the other front panel by looking at the bottom of the pattern. Pin the fabric in place and repeat for the third and last time.

Tntp Cotton Jean Jacket Step10

Step 10

For a finishing touch, rub the pointy side of your box grater along various edges of your jacket (pockets, collar, etc.) to give the jacket a more worn-in vibe. Enjoy rocking your stylish new jean jacket!

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