Lumbar Pillow

This pillow from us and Refinery29 is another perfect excuse for lounging.

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What you need


What you need

  • 1 yard of cotton fabric
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Cardboard or thick card stock
  • Pillow Insert

Let's Get Started

Pillow Cover Cotton Diy Step1

Step 1

Cut the yard of fabric into three pieces. 1 measuring 14″x36″ and 2 measuring 14″x20″. The diagram outlines the steps.

Pillow Cover Cotton Diy Step1 1

Step 2

On the two 14″x20″ pieces of fabric use a sewing machine (or by hand if you are really patient) to sew a hem on one of the short sides (illustrated by the green dashed line in figure #1).

Pillow Cover Cotton Diy Step2 2

Step 3

Overlap panel A over Panel B (face up, with the two hemmed edges facing each other) until the two panels together measure the same dimensions of the one 14″ x 36″ panel (illustrated in figure #2).

Pillow Cover Cotton Diy Step1

Step 4

Layer the top panel, face down, over panel A and panel B. Sew around the perimeter leaving 1/3rd of an inch around the edge. The panels should be facing inward so once you’ve sewn it, the cover will essentially be inside out.

Pillow Cover Cotton Diy Step3 3

Step 5

The finished cover should be at least .5″ to 1″ smaller than the measurements of the pillow insert. This way once you stuff it, it will be nice and full and not sad and droopy.

Cotton Diy Lumbar Pillow Step1

Step 6

For tassels: cut a piece of cardboard or thick cardstock to a 3″ square. (I used one of my son’s Magna-Tiles® because it was handy and already a 3″ square). Wrap your yarn around the board in taut loops 50 times. (You can wrap it less for a less full tassel but I wanted a short and robust tassel).

Cotton Diy Lumbar Pillow Step2

Step 7

Slide the wound thread off the board and lie it on a 6″ piece of thread.

Cotton Diy Lumbar Pillow Step3

Step 8

Tie the loose thread around the middle of the looped thread.

Cotton Diy Lumbar Pillow Step4

Step 9

Pull ends of the 6″ thread upward and the wound threads downward. Cut another piece of 6″ thread and tie it around the looped thread creating the head of the tassel.

Cotton Diy Lumbar Pillow Step5

Step 10

Cut the looped ends and trim them all to the same length. Tuck the loose ends of the thread at the neck of the tassel into the body of the tassel. Now do this 11 more times! (I made three for each corner).

Sew Tassels On Copy

Step 11

Use the tie-off threads and a needle to attach the tassels to the corners of the pillow cover.

Cross Stitch Plus

Step 12

Once you have all the tassels attached, re-thread your needle with a piece of yarn and tie a knot at the end. Starting from the inside of the pillow bring the needle and yarn out and back in, creating a small +. Tie the yarn off in a knot, trim it and start again to create the pattern of +’s.

Diy Lumbar Pillow2640 Copy

Step 13

And finally, stuff the pillow! I used this 14” x 36” pillow insert.

Diy Lumbar Pillow3 640 Sq

Step 14

Time to lounge!

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