Gym Bag

A bag this cute is incentive to work out - from us and Brit + Co.

Cotton Gym Bag 960

What you need


What you need

Let's Get Started

Cotton Gym Bag Step1

Step 1

Gather materials.

Cotton Gym Bag 003 Numbers

Step 2

First comes making the zipper gusset. Measure two 3 x 19 inch rectangles on both the canvas and lining fabric. Lay one lining rectangle horizontally and face up. Place the zipper face up on top, aligned with the bottom edge of the fabric. Place one canvas strip face down on top. 

Cotton Gym Bag 012

Step 3

Pin and sew the three layers together. Repeat this step for the other side

Cotton Gym Bag 014 Numbers

Step 4

Cut two 2 ½ x 4 inch pieces of canvas. Fold them in half, width-way, right sides together, and sew down both sides. Turn out and pin raw edges to each end of the zipper so the fabric forms tabs. Stitch along the edges

Cotton Gym Bag 020 Numbers

Step 5

To make the side panels, cut two 5x 14 inch rectangles from both the canvas and lining fabric. Layer one lining fabric (face up), the zipper gusset (face up) and the canvas (face down), and pin the short end. Stitch together.

Cotton Gym Bag 026

Step 6

Keeping the layers together, stitch down both long ends. Be sure not to sew the zipper gusset. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other end. Turn out. 

Cotton Gym Bag 030

Step 7

To make the front pocket/yoga mat carrier, cut a 9 x 14 inch rectangle from both the canvas and lining fabric. Place the two rectangles together, right sides facing each other. Pin and stitch along the long edges. Turn out

Cotton Gym Bag 034

Step 8

Cut two 14 x 19 inch rectangles from both the canvas and lining fabric. These will be the front and back of the bag. Layer the canvas and lining together, right sides out, to make two panels. Place pocket in the middle of one canvas piece, both right sides up. This is the front piece of the bag. Pin down both panels.

Cotton Gym Bag 035

Step 9

Take your zipper gusset. Place one ribbon on one long edge gusset, curving it to make a handle. Pin down to secure. Place the canvas piece with the pocket face down on top. Pin and stitch. Repeat on the other side with the second canvas piece. Turn out. You should have a cross-shaped piece.

Cotton Gym Bag 038

Step 10

Pin the edges of the panels together, right sides in. Stitch from the corners of the zip gusset down to the bottom edges.

Cotton Gym Bag 039

Step 11

To make the bottom of the bag, cut one 5 x 19 inch rectangle from both the canvas and lining fabric.

Cotton Gym Bag 041

Step 12

With the bag inside out, pin the bottom edges of the bag to the bottom panel. Make sure the lining side of the bottom panel is facing out. Stitch along the edges. Turn out.

Cotton Gym Bag 061

Step 13

Slide your yoga mat through the pocket and you’re good to go

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