DIY Wrapped Skirt

We teamed up with Brit + Co to help you create your own DIY wrapped skirt, perfect for your next summer getaway.

Wrap Skirt Diy Brit Co

What you need


What you need

Let's Get Started

Brit Co Wrap Skirt

Step 1

Gather your supplies.

Brit Co Wrap Skirt Step 1

Step 2

Fold your yard of jersey in half (long ways) and cut down the fold. Sew the two pieces together to create one long rectangle.Cut a four-inch strip off of your long rectangle — this will be sewn back on as your waist band.

Brit Co Wrap Skirt Step 2

Step 3

Round the bottom right edge of your rectangle to give your wrap more flair. Sew your four-inch piece of jersey back onto the top edge of the skirt, leaving about eight inches to spare on the left edge and a much longer tail on the right edge.

Brit Co Wrap Skirt Step 3

Step 4

Sew your fringe trim to the bottom edge and the right edge of the rectangle. Using scissors, create a small button hole at the measurement of your waist. This will be where you weave your waistband through to create the wrap effect.

Brit Co Wrap Skirt Step4

Step 5

Weave the waist band strap through the hole, then wrap and tie.

Brit Co Wrap Skirt Final

Step 6

All done!

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