DIY Moroccan Rag Rug

We love the bold look of Moroccan rugs. Cotton rag rugs are perfect for DIY projects because you can paint them or dye them, and they are easy to throw in the wash...beyond versatile. We gathered inspiration from some favorite designs and mapped out a pattern on the rug using painter's tape. With a few brush strokes of black paint, the rug was done. Placed in the entryway of a studio, it’s the best way to greet guests with a bold statement!

DIY Moroccan Rug Hero

What you need


What you need

  • Cotton Rag Rug
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Paint color of your choice

Let's Get Started

DIY Moroccan Rug 1

Step 1

Gather all materials.

DIY Moroccan Rug 2

Step 2

Lay rug flat and create desired motif by placing painter's tape on the rug.

DIY Moroccan Rug 3

Step 3

With 1/2 inch brush, paint along the edges of the tape.

DIY Moroccan Rug 4

Step 4

Remove tape from the rug and let dry.

DIY Moroccan Rug 5

Step 5


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