DIY Halloween Circus Family: Ringleader Costume

DIY Halloween Circus Family: Ringleader Costume

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Ringleader Hero

What you need


What you need

Let's Get Started

Fullsizeoutput 4Dc9

Step 1

Cut directly up the front center of the cotton sweatshirt.

Fullsizeoutput 4Ddd

Step 2

Next, cut two 4” triangles from the front and back to create the shape for the jacket. 

Img 5525

Step 3

It will look like this. You’ll be cutting a direct line to make the front go straight across, leaving tails in the back. 

Fullsizeoutput 4Ddc

Step 4

Cut the sleeve to fit arms (you want it slightly shorter than your wrist).

Img 5530

Step 5

Line up the gold fringe trim with the collar and down the center of the jacket. Pin it. 

Img 5531

Step 6

Trace and paint the lapels of the jacket. Glue the gold trim. 

Fullsizeoutput 4Ddb

Step 7

Next, take 6” (each) inches of red fringe trim and glue to each side of the lapel. Glue the remaining fringe to the bottom on the jacket (sizing varies).

Fullsizeoutput 4Dd3

Step 8

With the gold puffy/tassel trim cut and 2-12” pieces for the epaulets on the shoulders. Fold in half and glue. Glue the remaining tassel/puffy trim about 2” from the bottom of the sleeve. 

Img 5942

Step 9

Finish by gluing on the “pom buttons.” 3 pom-poms per side down the front, then one on each side of the collar and one of each of the epaulets. Accessorize with a top hat and/or a hula hoop! 

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