DIY Halloween Circus Family: Ringleader Costume

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What you need


What you need

Let's Get Started

Step 1

Cut directly up the front center of the cotton sweatshirt.

Step 2

Next, cut two 4” triangles from the front and back to create the shape for the jacket. 

Step 3

It will look like this. You’ll be cutting a direct line to make the front go straight across, leaving tails in the back. 

Step 4

Cut the sleeve to fit arms (you want it slightly shorter than your wrist).

Step 5

Line up the gold fringe trim with the collar and down the center of the jacket. Pin it. 

Step 6

Trace and paint the lapels of the jacket. Glue the gold trim. 

Step 7

Next, take 6” (each) inches of red fringe trim and glue to each side of the lapel. Glue the remaining fringe to the bottom on the jacket (sizing varies).

Step 8

With the gold puffy/tassel trim cut and 2-12” pieces for the epaulets on the shoulders. Fold in half and glue. Glue the remaining tassel/puffy trim about 2” from the bottom of the sleeve. 

Step 9

Finish by gluing on the “pom buttons.” 3 pom-poms per side down the front, then one on each side of the collar and one of each of the epaulets. Accessorize with a top hat and/or a hula hoop! 

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