DIY: Cotton Magazine Rack

Ahh, fall: the ideal time to reset. Clean out your closet, freshen up your wardrobe with new denim and jewel tones and settle back into a schedule. But where's the fun in re-organizing without a little DIY in your life?

If you find yourself looking for inspiration (or just some extra space), try out this DIY magazine rack from us and I Spy DIY.


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What you need


What you need

  • 6 1/2in wooden dowels that are 12” long
  • 2 1/2in wooden dowels that are 10” long
  • Cotton fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • 8 1/2in copper elbow fittings
  • E6000

Let's Get Started

cotton diy blog mag item1

Step 1

Attach 3 of the long dowels together using the copper fittings. Reinforce them with some E6000. Repeat this step using the last 3 long, wooden dowels. Then insert the small wooden dowels into the copper fittings at the bottom of the structures that you previously made. Attach using glue and let dry.

cotton diy blog step3

Step 2

Measure the distance between the copper fittings at the top of the structure and cut a piece of cotton fabric that will fit in between the two ends. Crease the sizes of the fabric inward and iron to create a crisp hem. Glue the fabric down using fabric glue.

cotton blog diy step2

Step 3

Turn your structure so that the base is facing upward and create a loop around it with the fabric. Glue both ends of the fabric together and let dry.

cotton diy magrack cotton finalimage 1

Step 4

Once dry, flip the structure right side up and slide in your favorite magazines.

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