DIY Bouquet Wrap

It’s that time of year when couples in love are saying “I do,” which means it’s time for soon-to-be-brides to think about special ways to show their bridesmaids some love. We’ve partnered up with our friends at Brit + Co to bring you an adorable project that you can make for your gal pals. Here's how to create a bouquet wrap that doubles as a keepsake headband or apron!


What you need


What you need

  • Fun Cotton Fabric
  • A Cotton Belt
  • Pins
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron

Let's Get Started


Step 1

It’s the day after the wedding and your bridesmaids’ hair is still perfectly coiffed thanks to the entire bottle of Aqua Net that’s holding it in place. You’re having a brunch so they will be wearing different outfits for the morning festivities. Good thing you gave them a headband to put in their hair to change it up a bit :)


Step 2

This project is super easy and perfect for the sewing newbie. Just cut out a 1 ½ foot square and hem the edges. Fold and iron each side.


Step 3

Then make a second fold and sew it in place to make a hem.


Step 4

Fold your headband into a long strip, wrap it tightly around your bouquet, and add pins to hold the headband in place.


Step 5

Talk about amazing post-wedding hair game!

Cotton DIY Apron Bouquet 1

Step 6

If your besties spend a ton of time in the kitchen, they will love this adorable apron bouquet wrap. When they unwind the cotton fabric from their flowers, they’re going to be so surprised to find that it’s more than just a wrap. Start by cutting a rectangle of fabric approximately 1 ¾ feet by 1 ¼ feet.

Cotton DIY Apron Bouquet 3

Step 7

Then cut a small rectangle for the pocket, about 3 x 4 inches. Fold and iron the edges to create a hem.

Cotton DIY Apron Bouquet 4

Step 8

Sew one edge only.

Cotton DIY Apron Bouquet 5

Step 9

Fold and iron the edges of the apron and sew around three sides.

Cotton DIY Apron Bouquet 6

Step 10

On the fourth side, fold the edge over a belt to measure how large the space needs to be. Remove the belt and sew this side in place.

Cotton DIY Apron Bouquet 7

Step 11

Position the pocket on the apron and sew the three unfinished edges.

Cotton DIY Apron Bouquet 10

Step 12

Finally, give your bridesmaid a belt or let her use one she already owns. So cute!


Step 13

Fold your apron into a long piece and wrap it around the stems of your bouquet overlapping it slightly as you wind around the arrangement.


Step 14

Secure your wrap with pins and make sure to wrap it with the pocket on the outside. It's the perfect place to stash some lipstick!


Step 15


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