DIY Cotton Rug

Treat yourself to cozy comfort with the perfect rug for the cool season from us and Refinery29.

Diy Cotton Rug 960X400

What you need


What you need

  • Multi-use netting
  • Cotton piping
  • Scissors
  • Small rubber bands

Let's Get Started

Cotton Diy Rug Step1

Step 1

Determine what length you’d like your rug to be. Once you have that figured out, roll out the length of the netting you need and cut the pieces with a pair of scissors

Hi Res Cotton Rug Behind The Scenes 3

Step 2

Cut pieces of cotton piping that are about 4 inches long (each). You want them all to be roughly the same length, so that the rug looks relatively even when its completed, while also having a little bit of variation, so you can more of a textured feel that looks handmade (and not manufactured).

Cotton Diy Rug Step3

Step 3

Next, weave the cut cotton pieces in between the netting grid. Then, pull the pieces upward and tie them together with a rubber band. Once secured with a rubber band, fluff out the piping pieces so they have more of a fuzzy pom-pom shape. 

Cotton Diy Rug Step2

Step 4

Repeat until you’ve completely covered the netting.

Large Scale Rug From Scratch Diy Idea

Step 5

Now it’s time to assemble the pieces into one single unit. This may not apply if you’re making a small rug or a runner. The process is the pretty much the same as step #3, but this time, you’ll be weaving pieces though the ends of each separate piece of mesh to bring them together as one. Securing them together in the ‘pom-pom form’ (for lack of a better term) with rubber bands, and fluffing them out once secure.

Hi Res Cotton Rug Behind The Scenes 6 1

Step 6

Repeat this process along the edge of all pieces that need to be joined together until completed. Done!

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