DIY Halloween Circus Family: Costume for Mom

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What you need


What you need

  • Striped Cotton Shirt
  • Rainbow Yarn
  • Headband
  • Paper party hat
  • Two empty toilet paper rolls
  • Safety Pins
  • Tulle (about 24”)

Let's Get Started

Step 1

For the poms, wrap about 24-30” inches of yarn around two toilet paper rolls.

Step 2

With 6-8” of yarn, tie the yarn off at the middle.

Step 3

Remove from toilet paper rolls and cut. Repeat.

Step 4

Pin to cotton shirt 3” down from the collar and 3” below the first pom.

Step 5

For the hat:

With a paper party hat, wrap and glue on tulle pieces around the base.

Step 6

Glue pom at top. Finally, secure the hat to the headband with glue (E6000 gets the job done)!

Step 7

Wear with a puffy skirt and fun makeup!

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