DIY Bridesmaid's Clutch

For anyone who has been in a bridal party, you know that anything can happen at a wedding. That's why we teamed up with Brit + Co to create your survival bag to get you prepared for all the unexpected happenings at a wedding. Check out how to make your own simple, sweet and custom clutch for yourself or your bestie bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid Cluth Diy Brit + Co

What you need


What you need

Let's Get Started

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch  Step 1 600X400

Step 1

Gather your materials.

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 2 600X600

Step 2

Use a 10-inch diameter round plate to trace a circle onto your patterned and solid fabric. Cut out each circle, then cut each circle in half. 

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 3 600X400

Step 3

Start by attaching the outer and inner layers to the zipper. Lay one half-circle of the patterned fabric face up. Set the zipper along the very top edge of this fabric, then sandwich with the solid fabric. Pin into place.

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 4 600X400

Step 4

Carefully sew about ¼ inch away from the edge to fasten the zipper to both fabrics. 

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 5 600 400

Step 5

When you’re done, it should look like this. 

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 6 600X400

Step 6

To fasten the other side of the clutch to the zipper, stack another half-circle of patterned fabric face up, your sewn pieces with the patterned piece face down, then another half-circle of the solid lining fabric. Pin into place. 

Again, carefully sew about ¼ inch away from the edge. 

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 7 600X400

Step 7

When complete, it should look like this. Before the next step, move your zipper head to the middle of the fabric. (This step is VIP!)

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 8 600X400

Step 8

Use the round plate to create a line about ¼ in from the edge of the patterned pieces of fabric. This line dictates the final shape of your clutch, so be sure that the two sides of the circle match up. 

Psst — This step also allows you to “trim the fat,” aka the fabric that isn’t perfectly aligned after sewing.

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 9 600X400

Step 9

Once you’ve drawn these sewing lines, pin the matching fabrics together. 

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 10 600X400

Step 10

Sew along the lines you created. Be sure to leave about four inches open in the center of the lining — you’ll see why soon! 

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 11 600X600

Step 11

Once you’ve removed the pins, reach your hand into the opening and pull the opposite side of the circle through. Turn the fabric completely inside out. 

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 12 600X400

Step 12

Seal the opening in your liner, then trim the fabric as needed.

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 13 600X400

Step 13

Tuck your lining into the clutch.

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 14 600X400

Step 14

Zip it closed. Now onto the tassel

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 15 600X400

Step 15

Almost done! To make these clutches a bit more on trend, you can add a gigantic embroidery thread tassel to the zipper. You'll need embroidery thread (4 colors) and scissors.

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 16 600X400

Step 16

Wrap each full skein of embroidery thread around the base of your fingers. Carefully remove from your hand and set aside. 

Cut a piece of embroidery thread about 10 inches long, and tie the center to your clutch’s zipper with a sturdy double knot about ½ inch away from the zipper head. (You can double up the thread here if you like, too.) Then tie the big bundle of thread to this with another double knot.

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 17 600X400

Step 17

Pull the entire loop away from the zipper, then wrap another 10-inch piece of thread around the entire cluster to create a tassel head. Trim off the bottom of the tassel to your preference. 

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 18 600X400

Step 18

Ta-Da! All done! Fill ‘er up with the day’s essentials before gifting to your squad — breath mints, lip gloss, nail polish, bobby pins, even aspirin. They’ll definitely be grateful.

Cotton Bridesmaid Clutch Step 19 600X400

Step 19

Show off your DIY clutch on Instagram by using #CottonDIY!

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