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Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Comfortable

Cotton Contributor

Cotton Contributor
April 10, 2020

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Comfortable

Sweatpants. Hoodies. Soft leggings. Simple cotton tees. For many of us living in the new normal, these “weekend wear” pieces of clothing have become our daily wardrobe, and for those essential workers still moving around in the world, comfort is more important than ever. But it goes beyond physical comfort.

In these challenging times, comfort also means celebrating birthdays and holidays over video calls. It means cooking with those family members we’re lucky enough to be isolating with. It’s making our days mean something through learning a new skill, trying to stay healthy, teaching our kids and walking our dogs, or simply keeping ourselves positive amid the chaos.

We at Cotton are also searching for comfort, both physical and emotional. While our entire organization works from home, we’ve been sharing stories among ourselves—stories about what our lives are like in this world of social distancing. All our stories sound similar, and these stories are the threads that connect us all even though we’re apart.

As a company, Cotton Incorporated also celebrates the textile businesses, such as Hanes, American Giant, SanMar, Good American, Gap, Madewell, and many more, who have contributed their time and resources to provide necessary supplies for healthcare workers and hospitals as they battle COVID-19.

Cotton Incorporated is doing our part as well, by redirecting some of our PPE supplies to a local hospital, and donating fabric for use in protective masks.

For more information about COVID-19 and how to stay safe, visit the CDC for up-to-date information and even learn how to turn a regular cotton tee into a cloth face mask.

And in the meantime, we wanted to share this simple message: Stay home. Stay safe. Stay comfortable.