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Cozy in Cotton: Comfortable Lounge Outfits for Days Inside

Browse cozy cotton clothes.

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Staying comfortable in your clothes is always important, but never more so than right now. As we settle into our homes, we seek comfort in each other, in good news, and in our clothing. Whether we’re working from home taking video calls, teaching or playing with our children, or cooking ambitious meals, cotton has the natural warmth and comfort that can make this trying time a little cozier.

Browse through for a few clothing and lounge items to wrap yourself in the comfort of cotton, or visit our Shop Cotton page for more cozy cotton clothes.

| Oversized T-Shirt Maxi Dress

When the weather warms up and one-piece outfits for work and lounge are all you need, try out this soft midi dress—perfect for walks around your neighborhood or sitting on your couch.

| Crinkle Cotton-Blend Button-Up Shirt

Soft cotton makes an appearance in springy, work-appropriate comfort. Looks great on video calls and over a pair of soft joggers.

| Henley Sweater

You can’t go wrong with a soft, striped sweater for all “occasions.”

| Women Ultra Stretch Striped Tunic Set

“Lounge sets” are the perfect cross-section of comfort and style, to make you feel more productive while staying cozy in cotton.

| Ditsy Floral Boxy Pajamas

Your pajamas certainly don’t have to look this cute, but a little style always helps!

| Catalina Cotton Robe

Wrap yourself in this robe all hours of the day—we’re not judging.

| The Hutton Blazer in Piped Tweed

Comfy cotton also comes in versatile workwear. Pair this blazer over a cotton tee to be ready for video calls in two seconds flat.

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