Watch Your Favorite YouTube Stars Leave Comfort to Clothes

Jackie Aina Cotton Collection Hero

Comfort: we all know the feeling. Comfort means warm blankets, soft clothes, a hot cup of cocoa at night. The best kind of comfortable moments let us settle down, recharge, enjoy the little things in life. But life—real life—is lived outside of comfort. Outside of our comfort zones.

Here at Cotton, we’re celebrating those moments in life when we step out of comfort zones, do things that scare us, take risks when everyone tells us to play it safe, and make that leap to achieve our dreams. These moments can be small: everyday moments like talking to a stranger or wearing a new outfit. They can also be big moments: quitting a corporate job to start a business, or telling someone your true feelings.

In the same vein, we challenged some of your—and our—favorite YouTube stars to step out of their comfort zones and explore how cotton’s comfort can provide the confidence you need to take risks and make your life extraordinary. Each YouTuber brought their own spin to this challenge: Lindsey Hughes went skydiving, while the picky-eater Jordan O'Brien pushed himself to eat some outrageous food. The Beau Bros.' challenge also took them to new heights on their trampolines, while Jackie Aina shared a personal story about how cotton helps her every single day. Compiled below, these stories will inspire and challenge you to leave your comfort zone behind.

These YouTube stars all chose cotton to help them step out of their comfort zones, and now you can too. Watch their stories below, and then shop each YouTuber’s unique Cotton Capsule Collection, curated by each star, with clothes comfortable yet stylish enough to take you out of your comfort zone—and on adventures you’ve only imagined.

Leave Comfort to Clothes.

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