Winter Layering Guide


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Too cold to go out? Nonsense! This is not the time to hibernate. Winter is the perfect excuse to show off your bundling style while enjoying the crisp white backdrop. From strolling through the park to hitting the slopes, it’s the time to enjoy all the season has to offer. Staying comfortable and warm is possible - all it takes is dressing right.

Layering Is Key


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Whether you’re channeling your inner Tanya Harding on the ice or braving your routine commute, it’s important to be ready for everything the harsh temperatures throw at you. Go from the tundra outdoors to the overheated office by layering with some key basics.

Cotton is the perfect solution for your winter outfit woes. Have a breathable tank top under your chunky sweater or jacket to alleviate the warmth of your thick layers and let you adjust to the changing temperatures.

While a cotton base layer won’t do the trick for more extreme winter activities, that trusty pair of long johns will add much-needed extra warmth to the bottom half of your outfit. Even leggings will do the trick!

Protect Your Head


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We often forget that bundling up must include our head and neck. These areas are the most sensitive to temperature changes than the rest of the body, after all. A cozy knit hat is perfect for all-over coverage, while a sweet pair of earmuffs, or an ear warmer headband, will keep your ears protected.

And while full-face ski masks are definitely options for total protection (albeit a scary option), a thick, chunky scarf should also suffice. Fluff it up through your coat for ultimate snuggle-ability. So-long numb winter nose!

Fingers and Toes


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When your body senses it is cold, the first regions affected are your extremities - circulation in your hands and feet decreases to conserve body heat in your core. Grabbing your gloves and throwing on your thickest socks can make all the difference in your cold weather wardrobe.

Cotton gloves are a great addition (and oh so fashionable) for a day at the rink or outdoor winter festival. Sport them with your large, steaming hot drink and match them with heavy knit socks to keep your toes happy. You’re now ready to win winter!

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