Why Cotton Intimates are the Best Choice

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When choosing undergarments, women tend to prioritize style and price. While some struggle with the classic boyshorts vs v-strings debate, the style should really be secondary to the fabric. Not only is cotton more comfortable, but it’s been proven to be the healthier option when it comes down to the skivvies.

Cotton is soft, breathable, lightweight and easy to care for – pretty much all the things you should be looking for when you shop for intimates. Cora Harrington, founder and editor-in-chief of The Lingerie Addict blog says, “Cotton also has a certain reputation as a lingerie fiber – naturalness, lightness, breathability, washability, etc. – that doesn’t translate as well to other lingerie fibers.” When intimates are made with synthetics like polyester or nylon, they may hold moisture close to your skin, which can lead to infections (source). If you have your eye on another pair, at least be sure your new panties have a cotton lining.

When it comes down to it, cotton is the healthiest option for your body, and is the material that gives you comfort without having to sacrifice style. Shop some of our favorites below!

This article was adapted from the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor.

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