Versatile Summer Styles For The Free-Spirited Soul

Free Spirited Summer Trends Boho Cotton Hero

“Summertime, and the livin' is easy

Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high…”

A classic song for a classic feeling—summer is here and that means a whole new wardrobe and a new way to express yourself. Summer is the time of year when we all feel free spirited, a little bit happier, and a whole lot hotter. It’s the perfect time to try new trends, and find a new mode of self expression that can infuse a little confidence into your everyday life. We’ve rounded up some outfits that combine all the best of airy summer clothing, current trends, and classic flair that may put a little spring in your step. As an added bonus, they’re all cotton, which means they’ll breathe all throughout summer, keeping you cool on the hottest days.

Workday Apparel

As we all know, finding outfits for work is a major drag. It’s something we do every day, but something that is definitely more of a chore than a treat. Finding a few staple items you can mix and match is a must, and will take the time and guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning. For summer, a few lightweight cotton dresses, soft blazers, tailored pants (and jeans if your dress code allows) are all perfect items to kickstart a summer-friendly work wardrobe.

Date Night

First date? Long-term relationship? Think you’re getting engaged? Stay cool as a cucumber in cotton. Date nights are a great excuse to get all dolled up and feel great in your clothes. There’s nothing like a spectacular cotton dress for nights like these.  

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Brunch with Friends

Brunch is serious business, but what you wear certainly isn’t! Going out to eat with friends on a lazy weekend morning is the ideal time to try out some new fashionable combinations, like off-the-shoulder dresses, loose-fitting culottes, or nautical stripes. Not into looking too trendy? Cotton leggings and an airy cotton top are the perfect laid-back combination—not to mention they’re the perfect look you can tweak to go between brunch and the gym.

Music Festival

What better time to be your expressive, confident, free-spirited self than at a concert or festival? These days, festivals are all about relaxing in comfort with friends, enjoying your favorite music under the summer sun. Of course, you’ll have to stay cool during the day and warmer at night. These picks combine utility and style and express your inner self flawlessly.

Beach Style

Whether it’s a beach party, a twilight stroll, or a whole day of swimming and sunbathing, you need cotton. Boho-style dresses and coverups are the perfect way to maintain that free-spirited vibe you’ve cultivated so well all season long.

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